Artist: AM Radio

AM Radio is one of the pioneers in 3D art. Here is just one video link to get an idea. AM Radio worked long on IBM SIMs in SL and got some university grants to run his worlds for free. As IBM has moved to 3D enterprise technology, based on opensim,  the worlds of AM Radio are no longer online in SL, but they are still available, at least one part of it, the oldest one, the most authentic one of AM Radio. Thousands know it and will never forget: The Quiet and Fare away!

And yes, we have conserved it! And yes, you can do this also!

Read the chatlog:

[4:56]  Mint Dreadlow: AM Radio spoke about it some months ago
[4:56]  Clark Odgar: yes i did read an article about the quiet closing…just be a shame it will be missing this xmas
[4:59]  Hanna Waco: that’s awful…..
[5:00]  Hanna Waco: best sim in SL
[5:00]  Art Blue: Hello. I just got that The Quiet is closing. Where was it said? An what SIM(s) will be affected?
[5:04]  Kandinsky Beaumont: I thought it closed already half a year ago…
[5:04]  Kandinsky Beaumont: very sad
[5:05]  Clark Odgar: heres the article..theres a fair few if you google ‘am radio closure’
[5:05]  Clark Odgar:
[5:05]  Clark Odgar: it is very sad…by far my favourite sim
[5:07]  Mint Dreadlow: I know how it is
[5:07]  Berglind Lyric: Couldn’t we raise some money to preserve this special place?
[5:07]  Mint Dreadlow: I felt the same when the refugee and expansion disappeared
[5:15]  Art Blue: Many thanks for the link! I have a project to save some of the artworks that have been outstanding in SL. The article will be published next month in Museum Aktuell. As you are discussing now, I uploaded the draft version
—> [updated to:]
[5:15]  Phideaux Mayo: I’ve changed my pictures to reflects AM’s Far Away  as a tribute
[5:15]  Art Blue: Feel free to visit SIM Claressa (Water gallery) where you see some artists participating
[5:16]  Clark Odgar: thats great thanks alot art
[5:18]  Art Blue: I am standing there right now, if one wants a TP.  Every true artist can take part in the conserveration. So you may keep this in mind if you meet someone interested. The art in SL does not need to get lost in time.
[5:19]  Mint Dreadlow: you can find the far away oar on the net
[5:21]  Art Blue: the OAR? to download, where please?
[5:22]  Mint Dreadlow: just minute please
[5:22]  Art Blue: wow, gosh!
[5:24]  Clark Odgar: is this what you look for?
[5:25]  Mint Dreadlow: that’s it
[5:25]  Mint Dreadlow: ty
[5:29]  Phideaux Mayo: that’s amazin … thank you.  AM is a very generous artist, isn’t he?
[5:32]  Clark Odgar: yeah hes a cool guy…always very friendly and alot to give
[5:32]  Art Blue: wonderful and great that AM Radio gives it free of costs to everyone running an opensimulator. So nothing is lost. The most easiest way might be to use as you can setup an SL avi within seconds. For english speaking ones: shows how to do. I will do it next week …
[5:33]  Clark Odgar: i sooo wish i had the space to re create it
[5:40]  Art Blue: out of SL one can get land on opensimulator for very low costs. If one want to give it a try, then the blog of Soror Nishi at is a good start. If one is leaving SL and wants to conserve just a view pieces of his/her art I can do this. At SIM Claressa you see some boxes where it was done. Nothing of the great pieces need to be dumped
[5:41]  Mint Dreadlow: the stand alone open sim are very useful tp build to
[5:41]  Mint Dreadlow: I build on one and then import into SL

And now it is done and it works! The Quiet and the Fare Away is alive!

IM Art Blue in SL and you can get a non-trans rezz copy of the Quiet and the Fare Away after you send a notecard that you will honor the copyright of AM Radio. Also it is in … IM First Prim there to have a look …


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