Artist: Feathers Boa

On April 12, 2011 Feathers wrote to her friends:

Hello everyone,

It is with great sadness that I announce my early retirement from the vibrant and wonderful SL arts community. After nearly 4 years of unbounded creativity, meeting so many wonderful and talented people, and learning soooo much. I find that my real world is simply too busy to devote the time and energy needed to keep up with the virtual world too. The people I’ve met here have literally changed my life. I met my future RL boss here, my RL life partner and friends that I will take with me wherever life leads me next. Friends that I will forever keep in my heart even when Feathers Boa is a dim memory. Being a part of Caerleon, The Art Door and all the shows and galleries who welcomed me in (an experienced 20 year old girl with no track record and no clue). I can never thank you all enough.

In the coming months, I will be closing my gallery, my website and shutting down pretty much all aspects of my busy virtual life. I will be selling off all my “originals” and having one last party and gallery show of new work. Then my avatar will ride off into the sunset.

I will never forget the beauty, drama, laughter, tears and all the things I’ve learned and experienced here in this crazy virtual world. And I hope you won’t forget me. The little punk girl with the big mouth, the cute shoes and the huge…paintbrush.

Hugs always, Feathers Boa (aka Mary Linley)

2011/04/15 14:19]  Feathers Boa: (Saved Fri Apr 15 19:47:57 2011) hi art. SL has been eating up all my time and i needed to shut it down for me so i can concentrate on other things. i am keeping my avatar and when i slow down we can talk about bringing some of my art into some other virtual worlds. thanks so much for the note!
[2011/04/15 14:22]  Art Blue: i am ready whenever you want. just lets do the robot and if you give me a mod trans version and the textures with full rights for download or via email I might be able to do it without your assistance
[2011/04/15 14:23]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

[2011/04/18 4:49]  Feathers Boa: (Saved Mon Apr 18 04:11:16 2011) i’ll work on it after i get all this “retirement” stuff taken care of this week…i have Second Inventory. i think i can figure it all out. 🙂
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Art Blue: Hello Feathers
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Feathers Boa: hi art
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Feathers Boa: i was logging off
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Feathers Boa: i will catch up with you later
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Art Blue: oh … good luck!
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Feathers Boa: i have been crazy busy
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Feathers Boa: see you soon!
[2011/06/27 15:54]  Feathers Boa hugs

[2011/06/27 16:19] Feathers Boa gave you Feathers Boa Lil Angry Robot
[2011/06/27 16:21]  Feathers Boa: take good care of my lill robot

[2011/07/07 1:48]  Art Blue: Many thanks Feathers, lill angry robot feels fine at home. I zoomed the textures from the tiny previews and it looks good. It will be printed in Museum Aktuell as a piece of conserved art in the september issue. I saw Olivia made the arms of the tiny version, but I think its fine I mention you as maker only. In case you want to see his new home, visit SIM mechanicdreams in 🙂 If you know other artists wanted that their work is saved over time tell them my name. Have a great time Feathers
— Instant message logging enabled –

Here you see some of Feathers work on YouTube:

Just one thing I must add: Chantal Harvey made a movie for the David Lynch competition Good Day Today with “my adopted” lil robot. You find filmmaker Chantal at the David Lynch competition as Mamachinima.


 <—- It´s a must to watch this video

As in Germany GEMA does some crasy stuff, you may get the video from the David Lynch´s competition website, as David Lynch decided that each person on earth shall be able to watch all the entries passed to his competition, why not in Germany?

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