Artist: Fiona Blaylock

I was invited by an art group to visit a new exhibition and I was very early there, which is quite unusual. Many art items waiting to get attention and business as usual seems to be ahead. Suddenly I saw a ‘thing’, a ‘ghost’, a ‘vision’. I saw an art piece that fitted to the book I was actually reading: ‘The journey of souls’ by Dr. Michael Newton. And I called Navah Dreams, the artist who told me I shall read the book: “Navah come, I found it!”. “What you found?”, she called back. “The soul in Michael Newton´s book”, “What?”, “Yes, come! fast …” and I sent her a teleport so she might travel faster than light to see it.

Now I have ‘the soul’ in my collection. ‘i know just how you feel’ Fiona calls her work.

Fiona Blaylock about herself: “My pursuit  in Second Life is fun and art. I am currently exploring  the synergy of collage, sculpture, poetry, and sound  as modes of expressing my creativity. I find the depth of color and light that can be achieved in this environment, both exciting and profoundly sensual.
In RL, I am also a writer and musician. Much of my work is based on the beauty found in nature, and the joy I experience while playing music. Many objects in my gallery  are embedded with chants, vocal arrangements and pieces of musical compositions  I have created and composed  in RL. Most of the textures I work with are original, and all poetry is  from my publications.”

Her artwork ‘angelove’, got the UTSA  Award at the University of Australia art challenge in January 2011: “Congratulations on your award. Our selection team (4 members) was very impressed with your work. They found it to be imaginative and a good example of what 3D virtual art should embody.”
Her collage ‘Camille Claudel and Rodin’, won the UWA Curator Award in February 2011:
“This month’s Curator’s Choice award goes to an artist who has a remarkable talent for extending her rl work into the virtual medium to create a hybrid that is greater than the sum of its parts. She makes otherwise two-dimensional images come alive with motion and sound and light.”

I am very happy and proud that Fiona donated the following five pieces of art she made between 2008 and 2011 to be conserved in the Simulacron-1 project: ‘i know just how you feel’, ‘little jewels music box’, ‘music box/ fairytale’, ‘time flies!’, ‘descent into matter’.

On January 1st, 2012 Fiona closed her galley and I was one last time there. Now I have the ‘some loose screws’ – and you see me closing my eyes as I feel as I am in the sphere now 🙂


5 thoughts on “Artist: Fiona Blaylock

  1. Let me show how two of her works went into the time capsule Vulcanicus. You see “Time flies” is just now eaten by the hypergate followed by the carrier of the “Flower Music box”. Fiona said goodbye to me as the Moonrezzer at LEA opened in May 2015. She could no longer walk and barely type. The doctors gave her a very short remaining life span on the ALS desease she has to face. She said I shall show all she made as a memory of her good time, so I do:

    • My mom, Fiona, peacefully passed away May 18th, 2015. We discovered SL in 2009 and created many adventures during our time there. Thank you for your tributes to her. ❤

  2. One SURREAL TOWER that is now under construction at LEA8 I will name Blaylock Tower. It will contain works of all the lost and gone artists I met and who gave me their work (in parts) to conservation: Feathers Boa, Navah Dreams, AM Radio, Soror Nishi, … and sadly Fiona.

  3. On December, 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM SLT I will do a reading of a short story “Be Greedy” in Second Life at LEA20 – Surreal Cube – a word Fiona once used as she said in 2011: “Tell me Art what you want and I will make the pieces ready for your conservation”

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