Artist: FreeWee Ling

I came to have a look at SIM Coppelia and saw ‘The Robot’ relaxing at the beach. I said to myself. “Why not at let him relax after hard work at ‘The Volcano'” in opensim … and copied the robot. You can copy ‘The Marionette’ as well as it is for FREE for everyone at Coppelia SIM. Of course there is much more to explore on this land of art 🙂


About the Artist [I copy these lines with permission of FreeWee]:

“Artist’s Statement:

My purpose in life (any life) is to serve the muse. We exist to experience creation. Much of my professional life has involved helping people to see and experience creative life energy.  My mission as both an artist and a curator is to discover and share.

I’m an idea manipulator.  A conceptual cubist. Most of my work is clearly derivative and I’ll readily explain my influences affecting it.  I see something interesting and I want to know how it works, so I might deconstruct or reconstruct the idea or combine it with some tangential idea. I have always considered my work experimental in the sense that it tests ideas rather than makes statements. All art is fundamentally conceptual. Its success depends on the artist’s ability to communicate an idea.  Technique and medium are important only insofar as they serve to communicate the artist’s intent.”

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