Artist: Met Knelstrom

Daniel Jung from Leipzig/Germany took a “sneak-into” the world of art and multimedia after highschool by joining an EQJ-programme supervised by Reiner Schneeberger. He performed very well so he could follow the path of Minimal Blue alias Reiner Schneeberger as an assistant creative by the virtual name Art Eames. The task of Art Eames was to use the software MONDRIAN by Herbert W. Franke in 2D and 3D and Anyfield by Prof. Ägidius Plüss to create digital artwork for exhibitions in 3D.

After one year Daniel was ready for his first own exhibition by establishing the identity Met Knelstrom for this purpose, which made him famous in the world of Avatarkunst. Most beautiful models, some models of the year, have been invited by Reiner Schneeberger all over the world to gave comments to Met Knelstrom about the artwork of Art Eames. These comments have been re-used as messages of art in 3D that will stay forever as one of the first reflexions of Avatars about art and the recognition of themselfs.

Daniel Jung completed an industrial education as a software developer and got the status of “Fachinformatiker for software application developement” by working out the coding for the TAGREZ-technology for virtual environments with a time controlled extention. Publication in Museum Aktuell pending …

Daniel is still working with Reiner Schneeberger to set up opensim-technology for art conservation and is part-time studying at the University of Berlin for his B.Sc.

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